9547 Protection of Cotton from Late Season Cotton Insects by Aim Managed Maturity

Wednesday, January 7, 2009: 3:30 PM
Salon I (Marriott Rivercenter Hotel)
Joseph Reed, FMC Corporation, North Little Rock, AR, Henry R. Mitchell, FMC Corporation, Louisville, MS, J.S. Wilson, FMC Corporation, Raleigh, NC and Glenn E. Studebaker, University of Arkansas, Keiser, AR

Aim® Managed Maturityis a new cultural practice in cotton developed by FMC Corporation.    Various trials investigating AIM Managed Maturity have shown many benefits for late planted and/or rank cotton.    Such benefits include earlier cotton harvest and protection from late season disease and insect attack.     An application of AIM  0.375 oz/A (0.006 lbs ai/A) + COC 1% v/v  was made to rank or later planted cotton at NAWF5 + 450 HU's which corresponds to first cracked boll in the COTMAN production program, up to 20% open bolls to late planted and/or rank cotton in trials to observe the benefits of protection from late season cotton insect attack.    Studies were conducted with University/Extension Entomologists in replicated trials as well as consultants in large scale commercial fields.   Regardless of trial type, AIM Managed Maturity applications protected harvestable bolls from attack by such late season cotton pests as  plantbugs,  stinkbug complex, and fall armyworm.    As demonstrated, AIM Managed Maturity reduces risk associated with late season cotton insects as well as promotes earlier harvest and increased profitability for cotton producers.

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