8782 DP 0935 B2RF: a New Mid Maturing, Class of 2009 Variety from Delta and Pine Land

Tuesday, January 6, 2009: 2:20 PM
Salons G & M (Marriott Rivercenter Hotel)
David Albers, Delta and Pine Land Business of Monsanto Co., Memphis, TN, Darrin Jones, Monsanto, Leland, MS and James F. Mitchell, Monsanto, Scott, MS
DP 0935 B2RF is a new mid-maturity, smooth leaf variety from Delta and Pine Land that will be released for commercial sale with the Class of 2009. DP 0935 B2RF was tested widely in 2007 and 2008 and exhibited excellent yield potential across the Cotton Belt. This variety was either the top yielding variety or in the top significance group for lint yield for every region tested in 2007. DP 0935 B2RF also had the top yield performance in both irrigated and dryland tests. The fiber properties for DP 0935 B2RF were: staple 35.0, micronaire 4.4, fiber strength 27.3, and uniformity 81.4 in the 2007 testing. The gin turnout of DP 0935 B2RF averaged 1.9 points higher (5.4% difference) compared to ST 4554 B2RF. DP 0935 B2RF also expresses the nectariless trait, which may make the variety being less attractive to Lygus and fleahoppers. A summary of crop management trials for DP 0935 B2RF to determine best management practices will be included in the presentation.