Cotton Insect Research and Control - Thursday Morning -Session B

Thursday, January 8, 2009: 8:00 AM-10:00 AM
Salon J (Marriott Rivercenter Hotel)
John J. Adamczyk
8:15 AM
Potential Benefits of Biotech Cotton in West Africa: Bt Cotton in Burkina Faso
John T. Greenplate, Monsanto; Jeffrey Vitale, Oklahoma State University; Ouola Traore, INERA
8:45 AM
Evaluation of Bollworm Management Options in Virginia
Nathan O'Berry, Virginia Cooperative Extension; D. Ames Herbert, Virginia Tech; Sean Malone, Virginia Tech
9:00 AM
Monitoring Helicoverpa zea Susceptibility to Bt Toxins: Results of 2008 Studies
Ibrahim Ali, University of Arkansas - Fayetteville; R. G. Luttrell, University of Arkansas
9:15 AM
VipCot™ Performance in Advanced Experimental Lines
Brad Minton, Syngenta Crop Protection; Scott Martin, Syngenta Crop Protection; Eric Palmer, Syngenta Crop Protection; Henry McLean, Syngenta Crop Protection; David Black, Syngenta Crop Protection; Victor Mascarenhas, Syngenta Crop Protection; David V. Negrotto, Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc.; David P. Dickerson, Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc.
9:30 AM
Evaluating the Natural Refuge Option for VipCot™ Cotton
Ryan W. Kurtz, Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc.; Mike Caprio, Mississippi State University
9:45 AM
Diet Overlay Bioassays with Cry2Ab Reduce Experiment-Wise Variation and Enhance Resistance Discrimination in Helicoverpa zea, Relative to Diet Incorporation Bioassays
Konsale Anilkumar, Monsanto Company; Nancy Adams, Monsanto Company; Thomas Clark, Monsanto Company; Timothy J. Dennehy, Monsanto Company; Graham Head, Monsanto Company; Paula Price, Monsanto Company