9231 Cotton-Based Hydromulches for Seeded Bermudagrass Establishment

Wednesday, January 7, 2009: 3:15 PM
Salons E/F (Marriott Riverwalk Hotel)
Elizabeth Guertal1, Greg Holt2 and Edzard van Santen1, (1)Auburn University, Auburn University, AL, (2)USDA-ARS, Lubbock, TX
Establishment and dry matter production of seeded bermudagrass as affected by mulch treatment will be presented. Conducted as 3 separate greenhouse experiments, experiments included hydromulches, mulch blankets, and loose straw covers, all compared to bare soil. Hydromulch and blanket treatments included those made from cotton or cotton-gin trash, and these were compared to paper, wood, and cellulose hydromulches and blankets. Cotton-based hydromulches typically had faster bermudagrass establishment and greater dry matter production over the 10 week experiments. Newspaper and wood-based hydromulches performed poorly, with poor germination and growth from the seeded bermudagrass.
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