8784 DP 0912 B2RF: A New Early Maturing Class of 2009 B2RF Variety from Delta and Pine Land

Tuesday, January 6, 2009: 1:40 PM
Salons G & M (Marriott Rivercenter Hotel)
Tom Speed1, David Albers2, Doug Shoemaker3 and Robert E. McGowen3, (1)Delta and Pine Land Business of Monsanto Co., Lubbock, TX, (2)Delta and Pine Land Business of Monsanto Co., Memphis, TN, (3)Delta and Pine Land Business of Monsanto Co., Scott, MS
DP 0912 B2RF is a new early maturing, semi-smooth leaf variety from Delta and Pine Land that will be released for commercial sale with the Class of 2009. DP 0912 B2RF has exhibited excellent yield potential and very good fiber quality. Testing in 2007 and 2008 found that the yield performance of DP 0912 B2RF exceeded the leading competitor checks or Deltapine B2RF checks by approximately a 9 to 10%.  Fiber quality of DP 07W901 B2RF is 35 staple, 4.6 to 4.9 micronaire, 28.3 g/tex fiber strength, and 82.0% uniform index. The lint percent of DP 0912 B2RF was greater than several checks including ST 4554 B2RF and DP 141 B2RF. DP 0912  B2RF has plants height similar to ST 4554 B2RF. Through the 2007 and 2008 testing, DP 0912  B2RF appears to be widely adapted across the Cotton Belt, including West Texas growing regions. Crop management trials including growth regulators, irrigation, date of planting, and defoliation will be summarized and presented as best management practices for DP 07W901 B2RF.